Launchpad gives errors.

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Launchpad gives errors.

Post by Maikzu »

I was trying to translate Mint. And I have translated it a bit already, but now Launchpad gives me these weird errors. It says that "
'msgstr' is not a valid C format string, unlike 'msgid'. Reason: In the directive number 1, the character '&' is not a valid conversion specifier. "
One line for example where i get this, is "Are you sure you want to permanently delete the %'d selected item?" How can I translate that %'d -part differently, so that it allows it. What does this part actually mean? I thought that it is some variable and therefore exactly the same in Finnish.
Here's a pic: ... lating.png
I tried also clicking "someone should review this translation" but it didn't allow me save that translation even after that.
So what to do? Just leave it and forget?

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