What's the process around translations for Linux Mint?

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What's the process around translations for Linux Mint?

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This topic answers what the process around translations roughly is, so you understand better how you or your translation team fit into the "big picture" of Linux Mint releases. See also the topic How to translate. This is my interpretation after discussion with Clem, so any errors are mine :)
  1. When Cinnamon or one of the Linux Mint tools is updated on GitHub by a Linux Mint developer, one of the Linux Mint developers also adds any new translatable strings to Launchpad for translation. BTW, there is only one active branch for translations: "latest".
  2. On Launchpad you can join a translation team for Linux Mint and you can continually work to add new translations or improve existing translations.
  3. Generally, when the Linux Mint developers have added some new features to Cinnamon or one of the Linux Mint tools, and there are new translatable strings, they wait for a bit for the translation teams to work on that. Afterwards they will pull the translations from Launchpad and make a new release of the software, and publish that to the current Linux Mint release.
  4. In other cases the Linux Mint developers aim to look once per month for improved translations, and do a new release of the software if that seems useful (again, for the current Linux Mint release).
That's the theory and with all that is on their todo list, it doesn't always work out that way :wink: We can ask the developers to do a new release of the software also. So feel free to post a new topic in this forum announcing you have completed the translation of Linux Mint software for your language!

All the above applies to software developed by Linux Mint only. Translations for all other software is either handled by the translation teams at Ubuntu or at Debian, and doing new releases of software with improved translations is up to the Ubuntu or Debian package maintainers.

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