Translating Nemo

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Translating Nemo

Postby Faroe » Fri Mar 21, 2014 5:20 pm

Hi everybody, and please forgive me for being a newbie when it comes to Linux Mint.

I recently installed LMDE 201403 Cinnamon to try it out. So far I like it a lot. After I selected Finnish as the system language I noticed that there was no Finnish version of Nemo included in my installation. The message catalog in /usr/share/cinnamon/locale/fi/LC_MESSAGES/ was basically empty (510 bytes, 1 message).

Then I went looking for the Finnish translation on Launchpad and found out that most of Nemo has in fact been translated, so I downloaded the .po file there and started filling the remaining gaps. I now have it almost completely translated and I have uploaded my suggestions to the translation page in Launchpad.

I'm totally new to all this translation business, but I know my way around Linux. Here is my inevitable newbie question: What can I do to help get the Finnish version of Nemo included in the next releases of Mint and LMDE?

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