I give you my help to translate grub-gfxboot in French !!!

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I give you my help to translate grub-gfxboot in French !!!

Postby Dupo » Wed Dec 24, 2008 11:20 am

Dear Linux Mint Team,

I send you this message because I want to help you to translate the grub-gfxboot Mint screen in French. I noticed that this one was only available in English on Universal Edition. I translated en.hlp and en.tr files in French (fr.hlp and fr.tr) for the first boot screen in liveDVD. Also, I translated en.hlp and en.tr in french (fr.hlp and fr.tr) available in gnome.message.

I can give you all translated files. :wink: But I also need your help to translate the remainder of the grub-gfxboot screen in French (like menu list : Start Linux Mint, Start Linux in compatibility mode,etc. for liveDVD boot screen; as the menu list for the grub boot screen : Linux Mint Universal Edition , kernel .... , etc.). In fact, I included translations for these menu lists in the good file (fr.tr), but these ones do not want to translate itself. :(

If you are interested by my offer, leave me an answer here. Thanks. :wink:

Best Regards.


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