Polish Translation of Official Manual for Felicia

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Polish Translation of Official Manual for Felicia

Post by liroy128 » Mon Apr 13, 2009 12:26 pm

Welcome to everyone!

I've had been looking for perfect (for me) distribution of Linux for a very long time. Then I finally found Linux Mint, decided to try it and I am surprised. To me, Linux Mint is just great! :)

I think this system is so good I want to thank everyone who helped in creating it. I've decided to contribute the community of Linux Mint.

However, I don't have programming skills so I had to help in some other way. Then I decided to translate Official Manual into my native language - Polish. There are two reasons of this:

1. I really like Official Manual, I think it's well-written and helpful for beginners,
2. I know both English and Polish pretty well.

I please others for feedback and useful hints and tips.

Thank you.

PS. I have already started, done 10 pages so far.

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