Some Crazy Issues in my Multiboot Setup

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Some Crazy Issues in my Multiboot Setup

Postby _Josue_ » Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:44 pm

Hello there!

I’m using

Linux Mint KDE 18.2
Linux Manjaro 17.2 XFCE
Windows 8.1

The laptop is a Core i7 with a Nvidia 850m and 12Gb of RAM.

Well, this is not just a simple question,
It's actually quite a story.
I really need some advanced technical advice and assistance.
well, where to start... please bear this with me.


Ok, so I have a laptop that came with Windows 8.1 so I installed Linux Mint KDE and I could boot both OS, just fine. I had to sort my way through all the crumbersome uEFI setup, and I think everything was fine because I could use both Windows 8.1 and Linux mint without much trouble.

Everything changed when I added Linux Manjaro to the already complicated mix.

The only way to make the laptop boot into any other thing than Windows 8.1 was pressing F9 at startup, so the uEFI system would show a list with boot options. That has always been that way, and I'm not complaining about that.

But after installing Manjaro, I ended up with two Grubs! Yes! that menu shows three entries, the first one boots windows, the second one opens Linux Mint's Grub (wich also includes "linux mint advanced options")
and now I have this third Manjaro Grub which shows this list:

*Advanced options for Manjaro
*Linux Mint
*Advanced options for Linux Mint

Now, what gives? It shouldn't be a problem should it?
So I decided to customize the Manjaro Grub, and everything went just fine, it looks cool with the modified theme I choose. So I decided to customize the other Grub.
So I end up with two grubs, each one looks beautiful with it's own different theme with different background each and set of icons each (after running the grub update command in linux mint, it seems manjaro was detected too so now both Grubs have a very similar boot options list)
Ok, so everything looks good, everything seems to be fine. I can boot the three operating systems just fine, Windows boots and works fine, Linux Mint appears to be running fine too, and Manjaro, well, since I had never used it before, all I can say is that I'm still learning lots of things, but it boots just fine too.

Even though everything seems fine, nothing is actually allright under the hood. One day I selected the Manjaro Grub, but instead of selecting the manjaro option I selected the mint option. Everything seemed fine. Now I don't remember exactly why but after some reboots installing things in both Manjaro and Mint, something wrong began to reveal itself.
This laptop is somewhat new and both Mint and Manjaro are fairly fresh installs, it has been just about some weeks for the first and just about some days for the second. However, I know my linux mint, I have been using it for a much longer time in my older desktop.

I began to get very strange problems (is this thing haunted?)
I think it started when I installed CdEmu at linux Mint. I have CdEmu working just fine in my desktop, but after installing it and rebooting (I think that time I choose Mint within Manjaro's Grub)
I got a very cryptical error. It was something like

:: Loading vhba and loop modules [BUSY]
FATAL: Module vhba not found. [FAIL]
:: Waiting for /dev/vhba_ctl [FAIL]
:: Starting cdemud [FAIL]

I followed the instructions here
But the problem didn't solve. However, after rebooting with the right option (Mint within Mint's Grub)
it seemed to solve itself!

After that, for some reason I booted manjaro, installed Cdemu there, nothing fancy, it seemed to be OK. Then Mint again (I don't remember which Grub I used) but my Mint's KDE graphics looked strange, Cairo-dock had a black border which I had usually seen when virtualbox guest utils weren't installed, but this is a physical machine! Oh, true, it asked for the compositor to become activated. How strange! Why did it deactivate itself? That kind of thing didn't happen to me before! After digging in the options I found out that I had to manually activate the desktop composition because somehow something turned it off after considering that it couldn't run OpenGl.
After turning it on, everything seemed fine.

Again, everything seemed to be just making sure I boot the right distro with it's native Grub. But things started to show that something may already be damaged under the hood.

When using PlayOnLinux I restored some backed up virtual drives to find that they don't work well. I really don't know what is wrong because I'm doing the same kind of things I usually do and usually work for me in my older desktop with all this! All I get is all sorts of errors! Just like CdEmu, lots of already installed libraries are shown as inaccesible by PlayOnLinux in the logs.

I tried reinstalling PlayOnLinux, but that didn't help.

Maybe I should start from scratch?

All I have found is that since some apps like CdEmu make changes to Grub, having two grubs made my linux mint become corrupt.

Now if I had a single grub maybe this wouldn’t be an issue, but I don’t know what would happen if I try to delete linux mint grub. I think I will have to delete all grubs first, reinstall linux mint, then reinstall manjaro, then delete mint’s grub to make sure I never boot from it. Then, maybe linux mint will not get corrupt when installing stuff… I don’t know. I’m not even sure what’s the correct procedure to delete grubs without screwing up the windows efi boot manager!

I will have to reinstall this, but the question is how do I merge those two grubs?
Desktop Pentium D Linux Mint 17.3 Mate & Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon
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Re: Some Crazy Issues in my Multiboot Setup

Postby catweazel » Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:35 am

The errors you report are specific to Manjaro. Perhaps it's wise to ask them.
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Re: Some Crazy Issues in my Multiboot Setup

Postby _Josue_ » Wed Sep 13, 2017 6:22 pm

catweazel wrote:The errors you report are specific to Manjaro.

Thanks for your reply. No. they are not Manjaro specific. My problemas are related to it, however Linux Mint is heavily affected!

catweazel wrote:Perhaps it's wise to ask them.

Sure thing. So I did. ... oot-setup/
Desktop Pentium D Linux Mint 17.3 Mate & Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon
Laptop HP Linux Mint 18.1 KDE

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.

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