Start UP Menu (GRUB) (SOLVED)

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Re: Start UP Menu (GRUB)

Post by WM7793 »

Hi Mintybits, thanks again for your patience, !!!

This is with the Windows drive disconnected ! and the the results from termnal
mint@mint ~ $ sudo umount /mnt
umount: /mnt: not mounted
mint@mint ~ $ sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
mint@mint ~ $ sudo grub-install --root-directoy=/dev/mnt /dev/sda
grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot (is /dev mounted?).
Unrecognized option `--root-directoy=/dev/mnt'
Usage: grub-install.real [OPTION] install_device
Install GRUB on your drive.

-h, --help print this message and exit
-v, --version print the version information and exit
--modules=MODULES pre-load specified modules MODULES
--boot-directory=DIR install GRUB images under the directory DIR/grub
instead of the /boot/grub directory
--grub-setup=FILE use FILE as grub-setup
--grub-mkimage=FILE use FILE as grub-mkimage
--grub-mkrelpath=FILE use FILE as grub-mkrelpath
--grub-mkdevicemap=FILE use FILE as grub-mkdevicemap
--grub-probe=FILE use FILE as grub-probe
--no-floppy do not probe any floppy drive
--allow-floppy Make the drive also bootable as floppy
(default for fdX devices). May break on some BIOSes.
--recheck probe a device map even if it already exists
--force install even if problems are detected
--disk-module=MODULE disk module to use

INSTALL_DEVICE can be a GRUB device name or a system device filename.

grub-install.real copies GRUB images into /boot/grub, and uses grub-setup
to install grub into the boot sector.

Report bugs to <>.
mint@mint ~ $
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Re: Start UP Menu (GRUB)

Post by barryp »


I had a similar problem, there's another thread here:

In my case grub appeared when I edited

Code: Select all

& uncommented (removed the # mark from the front of) the line which said

Code: Select all

Don't forget that if you edit this file you must run

Code: Select all

sudo update-grub
afterwards. I hope that this helps.

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Re: Start UP Menu (GRUB)

Post by mintybits »

sudo grub-install --root-directory=/dev/mnt /dev/sda
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Re: Start UP Menu (GRUB) (SOLVED)

Post by WM7793 »

Mintybits, sorry for not coming back to you sooner, been away to see family.

I have to thank you for all your support and help and advice. My start up problems are over thanks to you, everything is as it ought to be.

Very best regards,


Also a big thank you to all other contributors who have offered help and support. It is good to see so many people who are prepared to offer their valuable time to those that need it.
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