Mint 4 and "beyond"!

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Mint 4 and "beyond"!

Post by Chrisnz »

Recently I was trying to install Mint 12 on a old laptop, but for some reason the lappy would not recognise the .iso file on bootup. So in the end I decided to remove Unity and simply put and older version of Mint on it. V4 Daryna.
Now I find that on upgrading the version is fails on the server location? Is it because all the files have become archived or something else?
In the end I was hopeing for a more recent Mint to be loaded on the laptop.

a) Is it then a waste of time updateing Daryna and simply download a latter version than I can get to work on boot up or
b) readreess the repositories to the correct ones and continue through to a later version if possible?

OK I see now that that i would have to get Lucid or above as older versions are now obolute.
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Re: Mint 4 and "beyond"!

Post by truexfan81 »

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Re: Mint 4 and "beyond"!

Post by sagirfahmid3 »


*sigh*...You cannot do that considering that libraries and programs are SO old in Mint 4 that they've been obsoleted since a long time ago. It doesn't work that way.
You must reinstall; if Mint doesn't cooperate, try LMDE, Fedora, OpenSUSE, or Debian...there are tons of Linuxes that might work on your computer.
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Re: Mint 4 and "beyond"!

Post by nunol »

You should give more information on the hardware so we can help you better. RAM, CPU, HDD, VGA, etc?

Lightweight supported Mint editions with more than 6 months to EOL are:
- Mint 9 Fluxbox LTS CD
- Mint 9 LXDE CD
- Mint 12 LXDE LTS CD
- (expected soon) Mint 13 XFCE DVD

Make sure you check the md5sum of the ISO file before burning the image. Do not burn it as a file. You can use Plop to try to boot from USB.
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