Uninstall Nvidia proprietary driver ?

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Larry Hinklestein
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Uninstall Nvidia proprietary driver ?

Post by Larry Hinklestein »

Did a fresh install of Linux Mint 12 and everything worked fine. Then I went and installed the Nvidia proprietary driver (not sure which one, the one that was recommended) and now Linux starts but I get no menu, windows have no close button, I can get to the internet by clicking the pop-up window where it says 'known issues' so I came here to do a search but the keyboard wouldn't work, and after about 30 seconds everything freezes up.

Is there a quick and not-too-technical way of removing the driver or am I better off just reinstalling?

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Re: Uninstall Nvidia proprietary driver ?

Post by Justy38 »

I'm not sure. Probably not the best person to ask. I have a ati card. I download the linux video driver from ati (deb file) and I unzip the file because it comes in zip compression. I then right click it and go to properties. And go under the permissions tab and check Execute {allow executing file as program}

Then I open terminal I type sudo the spacebar over one space and drag the driver file to the terminal window. Hit enter. It asks for your password. Type password hit enter. And overwrites my drivers.
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Re: Uninstall Nvidia proprietary driver ?

Post by Flemur »

If you can start X and get a GUI of sorts, run
$ sudo jockey-gtk
to remove the driver.

Or run
$ sudo jockey-text
if you're in single-user/fallback mode (no graphics):

Some jockey-text params:
-l, --list List available drivers and their status.
-e DRIVER, --enable=DRIVER
Enable a driver
-d DRIVER, --disable=DRIVER
Disable a driver

Then reboot.
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