Dual Boot and menu.lst

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Dual Boot and menu.lst

Postby antiquexray » Tue Apr 08, 2008 10:47 pm

Hi. I haven't been very active in the forums lately because I haven't had to be; Mint just runs and runs and runs :D However, I recently had a small problem I need to help with. I setup my Dell Inspiron as dual boot machine because I found I occasionally needed a M$ OS; that's before I learned how to run XP with Virtualbox. I must have particularly angered the MS gods one evening because the next morning I awoke to XP and a serious Explorer problem. No big deal 'cause I still have it on the Virtual Machine. I got the files I needed using Mint from XP partition, used gparted to repartition it to an ext3, and reclaimed about half my disc space. All is happy except when I boot I still get the option of running XP; which I can't.

So here's my question. Below is the very end of my menu.lst. What I want to know is if I comment out, or delete, everything after
"### END DEBIAN AUTOMAGIC KERNELS LIST" will the option to dual boot go away, or will I hose the system? Thanks.



# This is a divider, added to separate the menu items below from the Debian
# ones.
title Other operating systems:

# This entry automatically added by the Debian installer for a non-linux OS
# on /dev/sda1
title Microsoft Windows XP Professional
root (hd0,0)
chainloader +1

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Re: Dual Boot and menu.lst

Postby Fred » Tue Apr 08, 2008 11:46 pm


You hit the nail on the head. :-)

Just comment everything out starting with:

# title Other operating systems:
# root


You might also want to reduce the default timeout. I think it defaults to 15 seconds. It can be reduced if you wish.

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