[Solved] Changing boot order in BIOS from terminal?

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Re: Changing boot order in BIOS from terminal?

Postby catch22 » Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:49 am

andreap85 wrote:hi,
I'd like to know if and how you solved the problem?
I bought a chronos 7 and I installed LinuxMint13......I also deleted all the disk, deleting Microsoft Windows 7 and the recovery disk
now I can't accede to the BIOS even if I type F2 as I'm requested before starting LinuxMint13
It's solved here :D but ofcourse I don't know if this is guaranteed to work on your system too.
I found that when the desktop is on and I pull the powercord from it and then start again, the windows that shows me that F2 is BIOS and F10 boot (in my case), hitting F2 does finally work to get into BIOS without problems.
done with distro-hopping! Linux Mint desktop / Bunsen Labs netbook

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