Usb boot give black screen on one computer and works on anot

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Usb boot give black screen on one computer and works on anot

Post by hamstepower7 »

I have been googling all day and searching around this forum but can't seem to understand the problem.
Any help from you guys will be greatly appreciated.
My goal was to dual boot linux mint 14 cinnamon with my windows 8 by going to BIOS on start screen and installing it with my usb.
I have two laptop. One is samsung and the other is lenovo. I used different iso files and different usbs, different usb ports with different linux usb creator.
I have tried universal usb and lili.
Everytime, I can successfully install it on samsung laptop no problem, but for my lenovo thinkpad, after choosing Mint 14 on start screen, it gives me a black screen. No cursor, no keys. no nothing....

I am bit frustrated as I did try my best to figure out. Right now I am downloading fedora to see if this is only problematic with Mint.
Please give some advice
samsung is 32 bit
lenovo is 64bit
I used 64bit iso for both

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Re: Usb boot give black screen on one computer and works on

Post by remoulder »

Please read the relevant release notes at and ... ntuDesktop in particular the pae, system requirements and video driver issues to see if any apply. Also see ... 92#p651192
[Edit] your original post and add [SOLVED] once your question is resolved.

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