Info about grub and installer drive orders

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Info about grub and installer drive orders

Postby Elega » Fri Apr 25, 2008 1:56 am

Hi forum

This is about a small problem I solved and thought it could be useful to share. (This issue is somewhat discussed here already, but I'll post anyway :wink: )

I have a machine with two hard disks, an older IDE drive and a SATA drive:
- The IDE disk contains my personal files and stuff.
- The SATA disk contains swap and Mint installation and some more personal stuff.

The installer (and Mint update poking grub too) thinks that, in grub's terms, IDE disk is (hd0) and SATA disk is (hd1). But for some reason grub thinks other way around, giving error 21 when trying to find system image on (hd1) given by the installer. No matter, this could be solved by changing (hd1) -> (hd0) afterwards.

Anyway, thanks for the neat-looking distribution. I'll be testing it for a while now. :)

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Re: Info about grub and installer drive orders

Postby Husse » Fri Apr 25, 2008 5:29 am

some reason

This is caused by how the order of SATA and IDE is interpreted
You have to consider the first disk in each category and then the order between the categories
Nice that you found a solution yourself
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