Partitions not showing in Mint Installer from Live USB

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Partitions not showing in Mint Installer from Live USB

Postby osama1234 » Sat Dec 01, 2012 5:40 pm


I had linux mint 13 installed on my computer side by side with windows XP. I had followed a guide to install linux that explained how to devide up my harddrive so when linux broke down, my files would be preserved even if I decided to start from fresh.

My windows broke down. So i started using linux, and soon I let linux 'update' itself, and it got stuck in a loop of trying to log in and crashing and returning to log in screen.

So I gave up, formatted my windows partition and reinstalled windows on there.

As it stands I think here's how what I can see in my "Computer":
2GB PenDrive running Mint14 live.
100 GB hard-drive
-4.2GB ext3/ext4
-3.7GB ext3/ext4
I could have sworn, when I installed it I also setup some sort of swap. But I can't see it anywhere.

Anyways, I'm trying to install the problem is these are the partition showing up in my "Computer" and on my Desktop. But when I click on Install Linux Mint. Here's the point I can get to and not go any further.

If I try to say 'Install Now', it says "No root file system is defined".

The only other option is 'New Partition Table' which then says "You have selection an entire device to partiion. If you proceed with creating a new partition table on the device, then all current partitions will be removed..."

I'm not sure how to proceed and install in the similar fashion I installed it last time. I don't want to lose information on my NTFS documents, nor my linux documents.

Thank you.
What my screen looks like
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Re: Partitions not showing in Mint Installer from Live USB

Postby 741cc » Sat Dec 01, 2012 6:21 pm

Release notes say a minimum of 5GB to install Mint 14 into. You need to shrink your NTFS partition to make room for Mint - 15 to 20GB would be a more realistic size for it. Also needed is a swap partition.

And yes, "New Partition Table" would wipe the whole drive.

Have you looked at the User Manuals? Installation is covered in them.

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