(SOLVED)mint 14 bad for my system mint 13 ok

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(SOLVED)mint 14 bad for my system mint 13 ok

Post by Samla » Fri Jan 18, 2013 2:11 pm

Ok so let me start from the beginning. I had windows 8 installed on my laptop and it really started to grind me up the wrong way. I have used Linux in the past and thought i would try it out on this laptop. I downloaded mint 14 cinnamon and installed it on my laptop. On idle usage i was getting really high CPU usage and when checking my CPU temp even when doing nothing it was around the 70c mark. So did a bit of searching around and from what ive seen it seems to be the new kernel in this version(also same thing was happening in ubuntu 12.10). I wiped my hard drive clean and installed mint 13 cinnamon and the problems were gone and idle usage my CPU temp is around 40c mark and doesn't really get above 50c.

My sepcs are
Clevo W240HU-W250HUQ
Intel I5 processor
8gb of ram
Intell HD 4000
750gb HDD

Now like i stated earlier i think it is a kernel problem but would appreciate and input to solve this problem(don't really want to be stuck on 13 if every version after fry's my system)

edit: would it make a difference if i installed mint 14 and upgraded the kernel version to 3.7.3
Thanks in advance :)

edit2: seems like installing kernel 3.7.3 solved the issues. I now know it was kernel related some how, but how i dont know :)

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Re: (SOLVED)mint 14 bad for my system mint 13 ok

Post by bigj231 » Fri Jan 18, 2013 8:45 pm

Glad you got it figured out. Sometimes there are stupid little things like that. For future reference, if you install a LTS you can enable backports so you get most of the new features, but still have the stability (supposedly) of a LTS. It does start to show it's age near the end of its life cycle though.
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