Can't re-size partition after dual boot [solved]

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Can't re-size partition after dual boot [solved]

Post by jimbabwean » Sun Feb 03, 2013 9:10 pm

I'm moving from Ubuntu to Mint and I just successfully tested Linux Mint by creating a dual boot with Ubuntu on the other partition. Now I would like to remove the Ubuntu partition and let Mint have access to the whole disk that both operating systems were sharing. So, I loaded GParted and told it to resize the extended partition all the way into the now deleted Ubuntu partition, and then extend the ext4 Linux Mint partition. However when I do this I get an error and cannot perform the resizeing. The computer boots up OK, and everything works, but GParted will not resize it for me. Attached is the log of screenshots of what I did. It seems that GParted thinks that I am overlapping partitions. I am not sure why it says this.
Partition troubles.pdf
Details of the error
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Re: Can't re-size partition after dual boot

Post by jungle_boy » Sun Feb 03, 2013 10:13 pm

When you have only one partition on the HD, it should be primary and never extended. So the problem.

How to solve this;

1- Backup your documents (photos, videos, etc)

2- Using LM LiveDVD, gparted, delete all partitions

3- Make 4 new partitions:

-sda1 Linuxmint files, 15GB ext4, /

-sda2 your files, 47GB, ext4, /home

-sda3 Linuxswap, 2 GB

-sda4, 10GB, ext4

sda4 is for test another distros.

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