<SOLVED> Mint 5-Beta-048 install no /boot/grub file???

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<SOLVED> Mint 5-Beta-048 install no /boot/grub file???

Postby w6kkt » Tue May 27, 2008 3:09 pm

When trying to install 032 or 048, install stops at about 94% and reverts back to the live desktop. I find everything is installed except Grub. No /boot/Grub file. I"m using a 160GB sata with 14 partitions including Window XP on partition #1. All other partitions use various linux distros. Mint 4.0 will install perfectly on Sda13, but no 5.0-032 or 048. Md5 checks okay on all. I looked for a re-install Grub program on the 032 and 048 live cd's without success. 5.0-048 works fine when I boot from Mint 4.0 partition using it's modified menu.lst to boot 5.0 on sda13.
Mint 5.0 is the only distro I have this problem with.

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Re: Mint 5-Beta-048 install no /boot/grub file???

Postby Husse » Wed May 28, 2008 6:10 am

This is a bug in Ubiquti that I have reported
If you use Manual partitioning it should be ok
I used guided to test if first, and then reverted to manual and I have about a dozen partitions
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