How much space is dedicated to Linux Mint 13

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How much space is dedicated to Linux Mint 13

Postby wpshooter » Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:59 am

If I am going to install Linux Mint 13 on a computer that already has Windows Vista OS installed on it and if I choose the partitioning choice "Install Mint along side Windows Vista", how does the partitioner decide how much space is given to the Windows Vista OS and how much will be given to the Linux Mint installation ?

If I choose this 1st option on the partitioning choices, I am wondering if it is going to dedicate enough hard drive space to make a /HOME partition that is of sufficent SIZE that I don't wind up running out of hard drive space for storage of NON-operating system storage on Mint 13.

Should I opt instead for the manual partitioning choice and if so, how do I know what size to resize the Window Vista partition to ? Do I just go into Vista and look at the amount of USED space for the current Vista OS install and then add a bit more space to that as a buffer to allow for future increase in the amount of space needed for the OS plus applications, data, etc., etc. ?


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Re: How much space is dedicated to Linux Mint 13

Postby xenopeek » Tue Mar 26, 2013 1:14 pm

Basic installation of Linux Mint 13 needs 6 GB disk space, excluding swap. Generally, assigning at least 30 GB to Linux Mint will let you do a lot (install extra programs + keep basic personal documents; if you have a large music, photos or videos collection you want to put on Linux Mint you obviously need more). You can always resize partitions later again from the installation USB / DVD (using GParted).

IIRC, the installer displays a slider with the left side representing the Windows partition and the right side representing the Linux Mint partition. Perhaps somebody who uses Windows also in dual boot can answer this in more detail.

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