Runs from USB but not from disk. Problem with bootloader?

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Runs from USB but not from disk. Problem with bootloader?

Postby Number432 » Tue Mar 26, 2013 7:38 pm

HP-2000, trying to create dual-boot with Windows 8. I can run from USB and go through the install, but then when I reboot to finish the installation it just goes back to Windows 8.
Under the BIOS, I disabled secure boot and enabled Legacy. It does say that, with Legacy enabled, it will boot both Legacy and UEFI, and will give UEFI boot order priority. There is no option to just disable UEFI. I am able to run from the USB with Legacy Boot either enabled or disabled, as long as secure boot is also disabled.

Is this a problem with the boot-loader or something? In searching for answers I've come across stuff regarding Grub2-efi, MBR, etc. I don't understand that stuff and didn't do anything with it that wasn't done automatically in the installation process. Is there a step I missed? I followed this video ( pretty much exactly, but it appears this was done for an older laptop without the UEFI/Secure boot problems.

I'm also wondering if maybe there are some laptops that are simply unable to run Linux for the time being? Like I said, I can disable secure boot and enable Legacy, but cannot disable UEFI or move the Legacy boot order above UEFI. Does this mean I just can't run Linux until this whole UEFI mess is sorted out? If that's the case though I don't understand why I'm able to boot from the USB.

I've had the same problem with trying to install OpenSUSE; I'm not attached to any particular distro, just want something that's not Windows 8. I'd be willing to get rid of Windows 8 and just solo-boot Linux, but I'm worried about having to get rid of Windows before I know for sure that Linux will work; don't want to be caught without an OS. Thanks for any help.

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Re: Runs from USB but not from disk. Problem with bootloader

Postby arealvel » Wed Mar 27, 2013 6:18 am

There is people with a lot more of experience than me in this forum. This said I'm going to say what I would do in your place.

Attach your Mint's USB and enter Bios. See if there are two entries related at your USB in the Boot Priority panel: an UEFI entry and another (Legacy). Change the priority boot to the UEFI entry. Install Mint. When the installation is completed enter BIOS. Now in the tab for Boot priorities, hopefully there will be an entry for Mint. Assign to it the first priority.

You can choose boot always from the BIOS tab boot priorities, but if you don't like it, enter Mint, download rEFInd bootmanager and install it.

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