Bootup Manager (BUM) and unneeded services

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Bootup Manager (BUM) and unneeded services

Post by nicci »

:?: Hello,

I have stuff running on my system.. modemmanager, bluetooth, some ppp stuff, samba that are all listed in upstart (initctl list | grep running). I also have things that are run as services that initctl doesn't list (apache, mysql, etc.)

I have tried using bootup manager. The official site shows a screenshot of somewhat of what I want (and until I can find documentation for upstart that makes sense I can't really write one but I do have a work in progress)

What I have from bum, however, is largely a list of guid type numbers, instead of a description, along with a service name.

When I tried to, for example, disable bluetooth and modemmanager, I found those services, after reboot, to, once again, be running. Mind you this is on a desktop system without a modem or bluetooth hardware. While I can rant about how init stuff changes every 18 months or so this isn't the time or place, but, sheesh, managing services seems a lot easier in Windows -- but Windows does not provide the environment I need to what I do.


Is there an official way to manage service in Linux Mint Nadia (14)? Why does bum not work? Is this a matter of Mint's upstart not being "proper"?

Are there ways I can debug the interaction between bum and upstart so that I can figure out why disabling services doesn't actually work? Or am I stuck running services for non-existent hardware and networking features I do not need?
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Re: Bootup Manager (BUM) and unneeded services

Post by Skrell »

I would also love to know the answer to this!! :)
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Re: Bootup Manager (BUM) and unneeded services

Post by Redondo »

Here's the Upstart Cookbook, but first read this blog on Upstart intro.

By the way boot up manager doesn't work well or at all with upstart, since a lot of init.d have been turned over to upstart.

Interesting I find my bluetooth stopped and modemmanager still running.:

Code: Select all

$ initctl status bluetooth
bluetooth stop/waiting
$ initctl status modemmanager
modemmanager start/running, process 794

Have you checked the config files at /etc/init?
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