Installation starts all over again while booting

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Installation starts all over again while booting

Postby freshtomint » Thu Apr 18, 2013 1:27 am


I'm new to Linux Mint and have the following problem:

I am trying to install Mint 14 (Cinnamon) on an Acer Extensa Lapop, which is allready running Windows 7 Professional. I first wanted to try Mint and therefore used it on my usb-drive. While running Mint in the "Live" mode directly from that USB-drive I clicked in the desktop icon for installing it and chose to still run both systems (windows and mint). I chose the option to install it on an already excisting partition of my harddrive. At the end of the installation process I was asked to reboot the computer, which I did. During reboot I was prompted the information "continuing installation...", as I expected and Mint started as expected. The problem is: it does so each and every time I reboot my pc. All changes I make to my system settings are lost (like installed programms or access information for my wireless lan etc.

I hope someone with more experience can help me with this problem.


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Re: Installation starts all over again while booting

Postby usbtux » Thu Apr 18, 2013 3:29 pm

You "installed" using mint4win ...

Its not a real install its pi#* poor and catches the majority of people out, it should come with a a BIG WARNING when you initially use it that you are just installing the live cd environment and will need to install it again.
After you had finished the Windows part of mint4win and rebooted, the Wubi/Mint4win installation was only half finished. You should have and still have to click the desktop icon "Install Linux Mint" in order to complete the Wubi/Mint4win installation of Linux Mint.
What you currently see and use is only a Mint live system, the sole purpose of which is to perform the second part of the installation.
However wubi is being discontinued and this may be the imminent end of wubi/mint4win installs. LinuxMint tutorials.
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