Downloading mint 14

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Downloading mint 14

Postby tbrownarcher2 » Thu Apr 18, 2013 6:10 pm

I am really lost here. I have linux mint 13 as my operating system with cinnamon. I have always used either a usb or dvd to install linux mint but now i seem to be trying to use a torrent. I'm not sure what a torrent is. I'm not sure if i'm too download the iso onto something or if i download whatever directly to my hard drive and then install .

I started to install from the mint site but got confused about the partitioning tools data . first it asked me if i wanted to unmount sda and i told it yes. I wanted to erase and install but it was saying that all my extensions on the partitions were the same .

Now i can't even find the page i was on trying to download from ...


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Re: Downloading mint 14

Postby bigj231 » Thu Apr 18, 2013 10:47 pm

Sirst, you don't have to use a torrent. It is preferred as it takes load off of the download servers. You open the torrent file with transmission and let it download the ISO. Make sure to check the md5sum once it's complete. Search google if you don't know how to do that.

You can burn the downloaded ISO to a blank DVD and boot from that. If you would rather use a USB drive, then do that. I would recommend the usb-creator-gtk package if you are going to make a USB.

Your installed system is on sda now, correct? Once you format the disk to begin the new install, all of your data will be gone. You made backups, right? (hint: the answer should never be "no")

Finally, why are you upgrading to 14? If you want the newer programs, just enable backports. It's much easier than reinstalling everything. I'm pretty sure you just check one checkbox and then update your system. You'll still have the long term support, but with the new packages. It's a win-win. (Unless it breaks your system. Then you'll be glad you made those backups.)
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Re: Downloading mint 14

Postby homerscousin » Sat Apr 20, 2013 10:02 pm

Torrents are nice. I find them to be a lot faster than downloading from a single server most of the time. With a torrent you download the same exact file, but you download bits and pieces from many 'people' around the world. It's a peer to peer network. You need to install a torrent client, like 'transmission' or Utorrent or others first.

I don't know how you have your hdd partitioned. /dev/sda is my entire hdd. I don't want to erase or format /sda because everything will be gone. I created a boot, root, home, swap and another partition when I first started with Linux. It took a little reading to understand how and why this is better than just letting Linux install by default. When I want to install a new version and delete the old, I choose the custom or advanced method and only format the boot /dev/sda1 and root /dev/sda5 partitions, home partition /dev/sda6 with all my stuff is reused. It is a little more involved than that, but I hope this sets you on the right path.
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