New installation with Ubuntu partition

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New installation with Ubuntu partition

Postby Kuoi » Tue Jun 10, 2008 12:43 am

Hello ,

Just saw a message on the Ubuntu forum about MINT , and now I'm desperate to try it out.
The problem is the following...

I have 2 HDD's , 1st with XP on it , second with Ubuntu on it .

Everything works well for about 1,5 years now , but after reading about MINT , I think I should change my Ubuntu to MINT but as you can figure out , ... I don't want to loose important information like é-mails, and some other things.

I should not be worry to loose the programs and settings of Ubuntu , but some important things I can't effort to loose.

Can I install MINT next to Ubuntu on the same HDD , and looking in the future ... what is the best way to backup my data that I want to keep ?
On DVD using Ubuntu (or Mint) , ... or just copy it to the XP drive , but as far as I know , XP can't read and write Linux data.

Many questions , but I want to be sure that I do the right thing.
I like Ubuntu ( I have no experience with any other Linux version ) , but MINT seems to be more user friendly :roll:

Many thanks in advance, Kuoi ( From Belgium )

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Re: New installation with Ubuntu partition

Postby Fred » Tue Jun 10, 2008 4:40 am


You might want to take a look at my back-up script as a way of managing your data backups.


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