Installation fails at 94% (grub installation)

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Installation fails at 94% (grub installation)

Postby dj13 » Wed Jun 18, 2008 7:15 pm

I've checked quite a bit on these forums and havent found a problem EXACTLY like mine yet, and the other problems/solutions that I found didn't seem to work or apply to my situation. I am quite knowledgable at windows (A+ certified tech with many years experience) but a linux noob.

I've got a brand new laptop (gateway M-1625) from best buy. (you can search best buy to see more specs)
It is an AMD 2Ghz, with upgraded (4GB) memory, 250GB hard drive.

I was making a multi-boot system like this:
1) 8GB Windows XP NTFS
2) 20GB Windows Vista NTFS
3) 64MB dedicated GRUB & misc partition FAT32

*extended partition*
4) 5GB Mandriva Linux ext3
5) 5GB Fedora Linux ext3
6) 4GB Dream Linux ext3 (also tried the mint install here)
7) 1GB linuxSWAP

8) 50GB DATA ntfs
9) 50GB DATA ntfs
10) 50GB DATA ntfs
11) 40-something DATA ntfs
12) 4GB Linux Mint (tried ext3, ext2, and reiser)

I know it's complicated, but I am pretty good with handling all that... all the rest is working PERFECT
I read up, read my GRUB tutorials and all that.
All GRUB menus are booting chainloaded, with each linux having bootloader installed in its own partition.
No other linux has done this for me, and I've test-installed various kinds and over a dozen installs.

Every time I try to install Linux Mint, I get various errors at around 94%, right about the part where it says "installing bootloader" The usual "errors" are just the install window disapearing completely and everything is just like nothing happened! (liveCD continues to work fine)

Several times this happened and I wasnt looking right at the PC when it happened so I didnt see/know what happened, but finally I watched it a few times to see it exactly - it just disappears.

What I've tried:
I have tried KDE community install 4.0, and Gnome 5.0 versions.
I have tried ALL bootloader options: GRUB on hd0 mbr (default) GRUB on hd13 with the linux partition, and NO BOOTLOADER. Tried formatting as ext3, ext2 and reiser.
I have tried installing in the /hda13 partition, AND /hda5 partition, same results.
It DOES NOT seem to be crashing in the hardware phase, like some other problems reported.

In every case, when it's "done" and I try to reboot [it's already in my GRUB menu], there is nothing there (even though the HD and CDROM were churning during install).. other linux dont even see the partition, and PARTEDMAGIC sees it, but lists the used space as only a little bit (like 113MB or so usually. If I pick the other bootloader options I usually just get the installer disapearing without a notice.

The last time when I finally tried NO BOOTLOADER some error came up "an error occured while removing packages - libgimp2.0" then (finally!) the message "installation complete" , now with that, I dont see the partition when running the other linux's (??) [for example, I can boot dreamlinux and SEE fedora linux partition and files, etc] but in PARTEDMAGIC it DOES show 2.19GB used so I assume most(?) of it copied over.

I would really like to figure out what is going on, but I realize now with the last attempt that maybe I am close and someone could just tell me exactly how to finish the install (I assume maybe putting the /boot/grub/files... in that partition from the liveCD or somewhere, then pointing the MBR GRUB at it and chainloading might work, but I do not know how/where to get those files from and to (commands, etc) and I dont know how to put stuff on that partition with the other linux (and the mint liveCD dont "see" that partition it seems...!?! [and no, the HIDDEN flag is not set]

I REALLY LIKED the mint editions of linux and wanted mint for one of my main OS cause the liveCD worked great and was so impressive, so I am going crazy about this!! PLEASE HELP! thanks.

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Re: Installation fails at 94% (grub installation)

Postby dj13 » Wed Jun 18, 2008 7:33 pm

I did now try from my MBR GRUB prompt:

root (hd0,12)

(result OK)

setup (hd0,12)

(result: error 15 - file(s) dont exist (stage 1, etc etc)

SO I assume, like I said, if someone could just walk me through how to get the proper files over there, it might work, but I still don't understand why it won't just work right simply from the installer. Some people mentioned there could be a SATA problem or some other incompatibilty, but yet, all the other linux versions with GRUB .97 installer worked just fine.
Go figure!? :P

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Re: Installation fails at 94% (grub installation)

Postby rbanavara » Wed Jun 25, 2008 6:24 am

You need the grub config files to be present on the partition (hd0,12) to install grub. If its not there, you may have to make grub to be installed as part of other distro & add entry to that grubs menu.lst the commands to boot mint. They go something like:

root (hd0,12)
kernel ....
initrd ....

BTW, I have seen quite a few posts saying they have issues with grub install, not sure if this is a bug in the new install image (I still am on Daryna).
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