3 Operating System - grub2 problem

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3 Operating System - grub2 problem

Post by tany3450 »

Hi. In addition to Windows 7 and Linux Mint 14, I've installed windows xp today. Before the installation, I was able to boot windows 7 from sda2. After the installation, grub2 menu is same again but when I boot from sda2, its opening windows xp. I can't boot windows7 at the moment. :cry:

Current state of partitions ; http://j1306.hizliresim.com/1b/x/pqrbd.png Windows xp is sda4

What should I do to boot all 3 OS ? Thank you guys.

This is my current grub2 screen ; http://k1306.hizliresim.com/1b/x/pqrtx.jpg

I can't boot from sda1 because it says some file is missing, and sda2 opens windows XP rather than Windows 7.

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Re: 3 Operating System - grub2 problem

Post by grumpus »

Don't know how much this will help but I had a similar issue with four OSs on the same system.
Running Fedora18(KDE), Linux Mint14, Debian 6.0X(later Fedora 18 Gnome) and Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS
When ever I would update the kernel on one of the systems the Fedora18 Gnome and the Ubuntu did not show up in Grub2 boot list even after running the grub2-mkconfig command through sudo.
It would show up in the verbose output of the command but not modify or edit the grub.cfg file in the /boot/grub2 folder.
The way I worked around it in Fedora 18 was to copy the output of the terminal into kwrite.
Open the grub.cfg file using "sudo kwrite /boot/grub2/grub.cfg" copy the verbose output of the grub2-mkconfig command into the same section, deleting the text contents of the original section.
You should be able to perform something similar with gedit.
Make backups just in case.
Have a UEFI system with two Sanyo 840 SSDs, a Western Digital Black and a Western Digital Re4, i7Ivybridge Asus Sabertooth.
It could be an issue with the UEFI setup and you may want to review your BIOS setup to allow legacy conditions for the Windows also.
Uhhh, maybe this will work?

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