different installation speeds and other stuff

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different installation speeds and other stuff

Post by farmwife »

On the same system, installing Mint 15 KDE x64 takes 18 minutes to a single-partition 320-gig hard drive and 8 minutes to a 10-gig partition on an identical 320-gig hard drive. The same graphical applications are present on both installs, both sets of initial post-install updates are 252 files spanning 181 meg and taking the same length of time, and the disk usage appears to be the same. What is the reason for this difference in initial installation time?

Also, I notice that the LiveCDs for previous versions of Mint used to take about 2 minutes to boot off a DVD drive, but Mint 15 takes about 3.5 minutes to boot off the same drive. I really wish the Mint people would release something other than LiveCD isos because booting into a full OS when all I want to do is install, is a major pain. A netinst image would be ideal because it would download the latest file versions straight from the repositories and avoid massive updating immediately post-install. What's the barrier to releasing a netinst image or at least one that boots staright into the installer?

I also note that the "free" command in Konsole returns RAM usage of 580 meg following the initial updates but only 430 meg if the system is rebooted (not logout and login, but actually rebooted) immediately following updates. What's going on with those 150 extra meg, I have no idea. Does anyone else?

Finally, is there a list somewhere on what is not included on a codec-free .iso? The images are much smaller and if all I lose by installing from them is the ability to watch movies and share photos, I don't care; but if I lose proprietary driver support for my ASUS GeForce graphics card or HP printer, I do care.
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Re: different installation speeds and other stuff

Post by nerdtron »

I'm not sure about your other concerns as I don't care much about the installation time.
But on the codec free ISOs can be found here: http://mirror.internode.on.net/pub/linuxmint/stable/15/
I don't think you can save a lot of space without the codecs though.
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