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Partition Help

Postby CYYC » Sun Jul 06, 2008 12:27 am

I am putting the latest mint on a Compaq notebook (dualboot XP>Mint hopefully) for a friend (she had ubuntu via wubi (sp), ran perfectly), but during the livecd install and setting up the partition I only had 2 options, guided and manual. The guided if I understood it correctly would format the complete drive and install, so I selected manual.
From manual her drive had one 98GB partition for windows XP and 204mb of free unused space that will not resize larger than 204 (I think the drive is 100GB).

I don’t much like the utility to partition in mint since I am not a pro with linux, so my question is this:
Would I be able to partition the drive within windows with a partition tool (recommend the best for me/you the choices are so confusing) – and then go back to the livecd and select that partition to install to?

Hope that’s enough information

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Re: Partition Help

Postby Husse » Sun Jul 06, 2008 8:10 am

Partitioning is the (only ?) difficult bit in installing
However you have misunderstood something
Guided lets you create a new partition and you should indeed be able to change size in manual
You would have to use third party tools from Windows as Win can't change the size of the system partition (nor can gparted)
First defragment your disk and study the result graph. You may have to defragment more than once to move files "on the right hand side" well to the left. Right and left is the same as in gparted - left is the beginning and right the end of the disk
When that's done boot the live CD and start gparted (the partitioning tool, it's easier to use than manual in the installler)
Shrink the windows partition to make room for Mint - and leave at least a free space of a bout a third of the used space in the XP partition (you see how much is used)
Now you've created a large unused space (you can't increase a partition size without first shrinking another to make room)
First - make a swap partition of about 1 GB
Then make a partition of about 10 GB
Now make an extended partition (this is so you are not locked in later on - you can only have four primary partitions)
In there make a logical partition - you can use all the space or save some for future needs)
Start the install
Choose manual partitioning
Set the swap as swap (right click and use the pulldown menu)
Set the 10 GB as root ( / )
Set the remaining partition as /home
and you are done
Oh - if you did not format on creation you have to do that now
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