Black Screen before Mint 15 launches

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Black Screen before Mint 15 launches

Post by jweaver682 »

Hello, I am having problems installing Linux Mint 15. I have a live USB drive that is bootable, but whenever I try to boot from it, it gets to the Linux Mint logo, then the screen just goes black. There isn't any hard drive activity, it just gets stuck on a black screen. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have a Lenovo G780. Here are the specs:
Core i5 2350
4 gigs of DDR3
Nvidia GT 635m

Thanks for the help.

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Re: Black Screen before Mint 15 launches

Post by stratus_ss »

The first step is to attempt to figure out where it is failing.

After you press the power button on your computer, hold the "shift" key to access the grub menu. (I am working from memory here so please correct as you see on the screen). Next hit "e" to edit, go near the bottom and find the words "quiet splash" and remove them. Hit "ctrl +x" to boot.

This should at least show you the boot process to the point that the system is failing.

Post back and we may be able to help you further

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