mint4win Gone?

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mint4win Gone?

Post by Cmiller21 »

I read somewhere that mint4win has disappeared in the Petra release. I never checked in the .ISO file, because I never use the program. But still am curious if this is true.

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Re: mint4win Gone?

Post by xenopeek »

See the release notes for Linux Mint 16:
The mint4win Windows installer was not able to reliably handle the size of the ISO images. It was therefore removed and isn't available in Linux Mint 16.
mint4win was based on Wubi, the Ubuntu Windows installer. Ubuntu already dropped support for Wubi from its 13.04 release (Linux Mint 15's package base). So as it's no longer maintained by Ubuntu for the past two releases, it was bound to creak and break and some point...

If you're not ready to commit to do a real installation of Linux Mint, you can always use VirtualBox to run a virtual machine inside Windows and install Linux Mint to that. VirtualBox is free and generally very easy to use.

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Re: mint4win Gone?

Post by DestinTheGreat »

So the question is if the mint4win is gone forever or will be brought back as an independent mint thing.

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Re: mint4win Gone?

Post by Linil »

An option is you can install Linux Mint 15 using mint4win and then upgrade it to Linux Mint 16 after installation.
Here's a guide on how to upgrade: ... -16-petra/

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Re: mint4win Gone?

Post by highwind »

Yes, that's what exactly I have done. :D
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