[CLOSED] LM16 does not boot into login screen

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[CLOSED] LM16 does not boot into login screen

Post by nomko »

I've installed LM16 last week and i must say, it works much faster than LM15! Okay, back to my problem. As i said, i installed it last week and i kept it running for the last few days. No shutdown's, no reboots, i installed every update. Last night i noticed that Cinnamon was using up to 1 gig of memory :shock: :shock: :shock: So i switched off my computer. This morning i turned on my computer finding out that LM16 doesn't boot into the login screen. It staid were you you see Linux Mint 16 in the center of the screen and with those "progress dots" just beneath it. Nothing else happens. Even pressing the reset button of my system didn't worked. LM16 does not boot into the login screen.

I have just 2 questions:

1 - Why does Cinnamon consume more and more memory after running for a few days?

2 - Why doesn't LM16 boot into the login screen?
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Re: LM16 does not boot into login screen

Post by NuxNubkins »

I'm not entirely sure about the memory usage. However, before you boot into Mint, press e (I think) on the line that is highlighted, then edit the boot command. Remove quiet and splash from the string, then press Ctrl+X to boot using these options. You'll be able to get some sort of error message this way if any are output.
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Re: LM16 does not boot into login screen

Post by kukamuumuka »

1. There is some memory leak?
2. Some reason in this computer Mint 13 works with Cinnamon, but Mint 16 does not ... Virtualbox addons are not installed says the error box.

You could try with kernel 3.12.4 . It should be fairly good.
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