Grub problem after install

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Grub problem after install

Postby kb0hae » Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:28 pm

Hi Folks. Didn'r see anything about this after a search so here goes. I just installed Linux Mint 4.0 (KDE CE version). I already had a multi-boot system going, with Windows Xp and 2 partitions with sidux installed. After the install, I rebooted. I could boot into Linux Mint, and Xp, but somehow the sidux entries in Grub were not correct, and I could not boot into either sidux installation.

I have solved the problem by copying the first entry in the Linux Mint menu.lst file into the sidux menu.lst file, and then booting the sidux live cd, and installing grub so that it points to the menu.lst file in sidux. I tried the grub install in Linux mint, but it failed.

I just wonder why the grub install by Linux Mint didn't properly detect the sidux installations? Could it be a UUID problem? I have had problems with UUID before, but not like this. Usually when I reformat a partition, or install a new distro, I had to find the new UUID of the drive and copy it to the appropriate enrty in the fstab files for any other installed distros. I finally got fed up, and went back to using the /dev/sdXX drive designators in fstab files of the 2 sidux installs. As far as I can see, UUID has no benefits, and is only a major pain!


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Re: Grub problem after install

Postby Husse » Tue Sep 16, 2008 7:46 am

In Elyssa (all editions) Ubiquity is somewhat buggy when it comes to installing grub especially with many partitions, but you installed Daryna.
Otherwise Ubiquity is really good at detecting and adding all that's already installed.
I do indeed think it can be UUID and I agree with your sentiment. But there is a good use for it - look here ... annot_boot
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