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partition control

Post by harlequin5 »

I have been running mint side by side with Ubuntu 14.04. I would like to increase the amount of discspace dedicated to Mint but don't really want to do a total reinstall. Is there perhaps a simple way to do this as I am not exactly a computer wizard.
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Re: partition control

Post by Biker »

Gparted should allow you to resize partitions without data loss.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to do it. ... d-on-linux
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Re: partition control

Post by DrHu »

Side by side is WUBI style, which means the Linux OS is running within windows from a file; in Mint it was named Mint4win
--I don't think you can simply increase that
  • How can I make a backup of my Wubi install?
    The easiest method is to to simply copy the root.disk to an external medium. In the event that something goes wrong, copy the root.disk back to the Ubuntu folder on the Windows drive. Note that this is not the most efficient method (since it copies the whole root.disk rather than specific data/settings) but it is effective.
--post #10 may help
--backup and restore to a new file size

I always thought wubi used only a file, but I guess like a VM it uses a file calling it a partition (formatted inside a file on the host system) ... imitations
  • there's the option of installing ubuntu alongside windows in the ubuntu installer, which does the job automatically. it creates an extended partition on which it puts root and swap, but no home partition. the upside is that it's automatic, so you don't need to partition manually in case you're scared of it. another downside is that it only uses the windows C drive, so you'll have to edit fstab if you want ubuntu to mount the windows D drive automatically at startup
--OK, I am a little clearer on that now..
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