Bios setting caused my new Mint 17 install to lose MBR

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Bios setting caused my new Mint 17 install to lose MBR

Post by obreel »


I change my bios from UEFI to CSM on my Mint 17 KDE so I could boot a USB copy of Linux Tails. When I switched back to UEFI I had lost my MBR on an encrypted LVM 8/29/2014 install of Linux Mint 17 KDE. I used Boot Repair and got this feedback:

Do I have to reinstall Mint or does anyonr know how this can be fixed?

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B Reale

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Re: Bios setting caused my new Mint 17 install to lose MBR

Post by Derek_S »

Hello obreel - I took a look at your output from boot repair and I think I see the problem. Look at lines 404-406:

404 =================== UEFI/Legacy mode:
405 This live-session is not in EFI-mode.
406 SecureBoot maybe enabled.

I could be wrong, but it appears you ran boot repair with your BIOS set to Legacy boot and not UEFI boot. Enter your BIOS settings, set UEFI boot to "enabled"(or Legacy to "disabled", whichever applies in your case), then check to see that Secure Boot is set to "disabled".

After you have done this, run boot repair again, and DO NOT use the "Recommended Repair", instead choose "Advanced Options". Make sure that you do three things. First, check the box marked "Reinstall GRUB". Second, check the box "Separate Boot Partition" and select "sda1", which is the EFI system partition on your hard drive. Third, check the box "Purge GRUB before reinstalling it".

If boot repair fails you after doing this, please post back. There is a way to do this from the terminal during a live cd session, but it's a bit more complicated than using boot repair.
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