Boot problem???

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Boot problem???

Postby Jinnai » Wed Oct 15, 2008 5:33 pm

After installing ati driver and some fonts, I rebooted...or at least attempted to.

I didn't hit anything when the menu choices came up (running Mint x64) and it seemed to start, except that the bar below the logo never stopped bouncing back and forth (it usually starts showing progress). Finally almost 10 minutes later i hit the mouse button a couple times to see if it was locked at it brought me to Bash. Being a newb to Linux, i wasn't going to mess around in Bash, so I rebooted. The next time, i manually selected a normal mint x64 boot and things went fine.

So my questions are:

How long should I wait if it looks like Mint is hanging on Boot?

Anyone know what happened? That was, except for those 2 items, a fresh install of x64 at the time.

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Re: Boot problem???

Postby sleep`walker » Thu Oct 16, 2008 10:58 am

The picture you see during the booting process is "splash screen". If you hit F1 or F2, I'm not sure, during the boot process splash screen will disappear so you can see kerenel's 'dmesg' messages as well as messages that are printed by 'init scripts'. If something goes wrong, it will be printed there. That's how you can figure out if boot process is about to fail.

What happened? Well, I can just guess: Installing ATI driver means installing a kernel module and a's driver. Most likely there was problems with the kernel module (the bar that bounce left and right means that system is loading kernel into RAM, the progress bar means that kernel is loaded and system is running init scripts). If everything works fine now, don't worry about whats happened.
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