LiveCD failure - attempt to access beyond end of device

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LiveCD failure - attempt to access beyond end of device

Postby umot0 » Thu Nov 13, 2008 8:50 am

I downloaded the mint 5 distro of linux, burned it to a cd and booted from cd. (I have performed all checks and am completely sure that my cd is fine)
After the splash screen and loading bar everything just stops and my screen becomes a command window.
I get introductions for the command prompt, then
Pressing enter has no effect on this problem.
I then tried to run in compatibilty mode, but it came up with the error
attempt to access beyond end of device
and some code like want= and limit=, where limit is lower than want

Does anyone have experience/know of a cause for this problem?
I am running windows vista on a single partition, with two harddrives in raid configuration
Also, if it helps, I have 2 nvidia graphic cards running in sli


Re: LiveCD failure - attempt to access beyond end of device

Postby Adunamia » Fri Nov 14, 2008 3:50 pm

In my experience, Nvidia graphics cards can be a pain. When you boot hit tab and edit the boot settings. Try booting without the quiet splash part in the boot parameters. This will tell you what processes are happening, and if the succeded or not. If you post an error you get from there it is a lot easier to trouble shoot it. Also, you can try booting with options like acpi=nopci and acpi=off. Sometimes these help when dealing with Nvidia hardware.

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