External usb DVD - Live DVD for Mint KDE?

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External usb DVD - Live DVD for Mint KDE?

Postby normpot » Sun Nov 16, 2008 2:34 pm

I am a new user testing Linux Mint live CD (GNOME Version 5 and new beta version 6) and also I am trying to test Mint KDE Live DVD.
I currently use dual boot XP + PCLOS in my computer.
I would like to test Linux Mint KDE version (LIve DVD), but I don't have internal bootable DVD device, I have external (USB 2.0) Sony DRX -800UL DVD burner, which I cannot boot Linux Mint Live DVD from it.

Any suggestions how I can load/test Mint KDE Live DVD? I got used to KDE, no experience in GNOME applications.

P3 compaq 700 MHz 512 Mb ram 15 GB NTFS for XP+ 15 GB X3 for PCLOS, grub dual boot, bootable floppy and internal bootable LG CD R/W 52x32x52
USB 2.0 controller for external Sony DVD and external 250 GB HD and for HP printer.

Thank you,

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Re: External usb DVD - Live DVD for Mint KDE?

Postby grimdestripador » Sun Nov 16, 2008 3:21 pm

Most motherboard support USB booting. You'll have to select your usb device to be the first boot in your bios. Or choose boot device. This works because USB supports ATAPI booting from CD and DVD roms.

Other option if your DVD burner is crippled is to head to pendrive linux and find a script for linuxmint to be loaded on to your USB drive. There are linux howtos on this, usually involving sys-linux and other bootloaders onto usb. You also have to manipulate some config files on the boot DVD.

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