liveCD fine, but once installed x dies after login

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liveCD fine, but once installed x dies after login

Post by ian »

I have a hp/compaq nx9110 which apparently has a ATI Radeon Mobility 9000 grahpics chipset.

Put the liveCD in and boot and all is wonderful. Every peripheral i test works perfectly!!! Hooray!!

Then i install, and strangely the installed version doesnt work properely with the graphics even though the liveCD was fine!!. Booting from the new install on the hard drive, the splash comes up fine, i can log in at the screen prompt, is displayes the next stage of leading everything but never gets to the main OS screen. I can press ctrl-alt-f1 and get a not graphical shell. Any suggestions???

Help appreciated.

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Post by Boo »

Do an update in the terminal window.

sudo apt-get update.

If you a haven't already.

Run envy in the terminal window and update ati drivers, restart X.

sudo envy

Now where was i going? Oh yes, crazy!

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