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Black screen with EVGA Geforce GTX 750 Ti

Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2015 3:10 pm
by Kenneth1
Hi everyone. I am running linux mint 17.1 on my laptop and it works fantastic. I also have LMDE1 on my main PC. It also work without
a problem. Unfortunately my install DVD for LMDE 2 does not work. I don't want to try upgrading as the LMDE1 is a new install and really I want
to evaluate LMDE 2 completely. Well when I use the Live DVD, I enter GRUB like normal. Then I edit the line after "Splash" and add "nouveau.modeset=0"
I immediately get a black screen. I"ve tried Nvidia.modeset, nomodeset and even adding xforcevesa. Same result every time. As a control, I tried the Linux Mint 17.1 disk
and I got the same result. For some reason, the drivers are not loading. Why? Is this graphic card not compatible with Mint? I hope it will work, as I specifically bought this card after checking the Mint database and everyone who evaluated it said that it works without doing any tweaking. That's what I want. Instead, even the normal procedure fails. Can someone please tell me how to work around this nonsense.

Please note. I've seen the other post about this same card. Unfortunately the solution there did not help as it was on a computer that already had Mint installed. I can't even install mint.

I am running an MSI B85 G43 mainboard with an Intel 4790k processor, and 16 GB ddr3 ram.

Thanks for the help. I'm not really put out as I have windows on the same machine and I'm running mint on my laptop (which I'm using). The laptop works flawlessly.

Re: Black screen with EVGA Geforce GTX 750 Ti

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2015 9:01 am
by Kenneth1
Here's an idea. Could I theoretically disable the graphic card and just use the stock mainboard DVI, then install mint. Then install the
proprietary drivers from Nvidia? Then reinstall the graphic card? I mean I'm probably going to install Nvidia's drivers anyway as you can tell
from my hardware profile, I'm planning to do more than just spreadsheets. As far as I'm concerned, the steambox is already here and I can't wait
to try some games that have been ported to linux.

Re: Black screen with EVGA Geforce GTX 750 Ti

Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2015 4:00 pm
by Kenneth1
I solved the problem and here's how I did it.
To review, my computer has the following hardware:
Mainboard: MSI B85-G43
Intel i7 4790K processor
16 GB DDR 1333Ghz Kingston ram
120 GB Intel solid state hard drive
500GB Seagate hard drive (standard, sata)

At this time, the Nouveau drivers simply don't work with this graphic card and this is especially tricky if you're using a live dvd or USB. I wanted to try
both MATE and Cinnamon so I made a boot DVD for each. I tried both, entering "nomodset", "nouveau.modeset=0", and "nvidia.modeset=0" in Grub entering after
"splash", and I got the black screen. i.e. Nothing. I also tried in "recovery mode" One can only conclude the standard drivers don't work on this card. So get your surgery gloves on and get your tools out because you have to remove the graphic card. I removed the card and used the standard DVI plug on my mainboard. I installed mint MATE normal without a hitch. I then reinstalled my graphics card. For some strange reason, once mint is installed, it's possible to get boot mint in grub recovery mode. The standard boot will not work->black screen.

Next step. Download the proprietary driver from Nvidia. Here ... lang=en-us
Now you're ready to install:
Step 1 : Ctr+Alt+F1

Step 2: sudo service mdm stop

Step 3: Change to the directory where you downloaded the driver

Step 4: sudo chmod +x (Name of the driver)

Step 5: Sudo ./(name of driver)

Step 6: sudo service mdm start

Step 7: Reboot