Mint is not starting after installation (dual boot with Windows)

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Mint is not starting after installation (dual boot with Windows)

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Hi for all of you, and sorry for my English.
I have a Lenovo g505s laptop.
Parameters: Lenovo G505s, AMD A10-5750M Quad-Core Processor, 15.6" HD Screen, 6GB DDR3 RAM, 1000GB HDD, DVD Rewriter, Dedicated 8570M 2GB Graphics.

For me need dual boot, Win and Linux Mint. So I disabled the UEFI, deleted the whole HDD with Hiren's Boot DVD, created the MS-DOS partition table. After I installed the LinuxMint_17.2 on the first ext4 partition and Windows on the second partition (with NTFS). In this case Windows worked normally but Mint did not start.
I used these tutorials: ... 57#p671348
but nothing improved!

After, I tried to fix it with a Boot Repair Disk but nothing...

When I installed only Kali Linux (2b8d2db20e2709c5e9e0f9f9bbd8606c9b9e729f kali-linux-1.1.0a-amd64.iso) without dualboot and after I used the Boot Repair Disk (f2565b382d592c5f3ff416856f3f15bfecce9bb4 boot-repair-disk-64bit.iso) everything was OK. Kali booted normally on HDD.

Several Ubuntu versions have the same problem :( . So, I can successfully install the operating systems. I can restart the laptop. When the GRUB appears, and I select the linux OS then the screen goes black! I have been working on this problem for a half year, and I still can't solve it. Any idea?

I have read in a Russian forum that in anyway need an EFI partition to on the HDD to install windows and linux(es) !!! There is not problem if you have the MS-DOS partition table, but you need an EFI partition too. I am tested only with GPT partition table on HDD and works fine! Other thing: I am started to instal an unofficial BIOS, That was the Linux BIOS the coreboot, but I can't replace the generated BIOS with flashrom. Several links about coreboot: ... px=MTg0OTM ... html#start

1). I am changed back to UEFI boot! So go in to BIOS and:
Boot-> Boot Mode -> [UEFI]
USB Boot -> [Enabled]

Security -> Secure Boot [Disabled]
Configuration -> Graphic Device -> [Switchable Graphics]
Exit -> OS Optimized Defaults -> [Other OS]
and Save changes (F10), reboot.

2). Use the PartedMagic live iso. Downloaded from thepiratebay or kickasstorrent, find: "pmagic_2015_07_07" . I am use Rufus to bootable USB, download from here: ... dmagic.png

3). With USB stick go and boot into PartedMagic. Erease whole HDD with "Erease Disk". CAUTION: all data will be lost on HDD! Now open GParted. You need the GPT partition table! So create it.
4). Now You can create partitions, what you want, and where you want to Windows and Linux. Inportant to leave free 100MiB or 260 MiB or more space unformatted place for later (for EFI fat32 partition).

In GParted flags for EFI > boot,esp

If your HDD is 4096 (4k) -> format to minimum 260 MiB
If your HDD is 512 -> format to minimum 100 MiB

( ... 24839.aspx ... 10%29.aspx

And you can check your HDD sector size under linux:
lsblk --output NAME,PHY-SeC
hdparm -I /dev/sda | grep -i physical ).

So now when you prepared the HDD for installing systems, restart Lenovo G505s and install Windows 10 live DVD or USB.

5). Now you need to create an EFI (b*llshit) and nothing more partition! Go to MS-DOS and create it manually! Use, Google to find how to create... Find "Fixing Windows 8.1 Boot by Create EFI System Partition Manually" or some similar. ( ... n-manully/)

in live windows DVD or USB go to repair computer find ms-dos and enter:
list disk
select disk 0
create partition efi size=260
format quick fs=fat32 label="System"


6). Reboot again, install b*llshit Windows 10. Reboot install Linux mint. (for me the Linux Mint need to start grub with "radeon.modeset=0" to install). Find in Google again!

When Linux Mint install is success, reboot and go into Linux Mint. (Warning, you cant install Kali Linux yet, accour "grub-install dummy failed. This is a fatal error." -> ... mmy-failed).

7). So open terminal and type :
sudo dosfsck -r /dev/sda2
(use your EFI partition if not sda2) Then the installer may run successfully.
This will repair the idiot EFI partition, and later you can install the Kali Linux!!!

Now exit from Linux Mint, reboot and install Kali Linux. For me I am use 30 MiB for Kali, and 30 MiB for Linux Mint. The linux-swap partition is common. So I use only ONE and nothing more. This share the two linux. That's all, and

f*ck y*u Microsoft, Intel and other corporations with EFI boot stupid technologies. EFI=Masterpiece of b*llsh*t!
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Re: Mint is not starting after installation (dual boot with

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You tell that your flashrom doesnt work for flashing a generated Coreboot image through your OS.
However, your laptop has a BIOS chip, and it is possible to tear down your laptop and use SPI flasher + SOIC-8 clip
to flash that BIOS image directly to your chip. Procedure is safe, just make sure you teardown carefully
and don't forget to disconnect power sources (charger, battery) before flashing a coreboot.
The total price of SPI flasher + SOIC-8 clip is under $20 , so a price is not in question.
Good luck!
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