Mint 17.2 dual boot, correct Grub entry for Vista

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Mint 17.2 dual boot, correct Grub entry for Vista

Post by CycleRob » Tue Aug 18, 2015 4:22 pm

New User, 1st post. Read thru a LOT of posts here and did not find my specific problem. History: I've been using Linux since Lubuntu 12.04 and when WinXP stopped support I REPLACED it with Lbuntu on my DesktopPC (GigaByte MoBo, 4GB RAM, 850Pro128SSD). Then I kept advancing with each new Linux disto and switched over to Mint. Being SO impressed with the speed and depth of Mint Cinnamon 17.2, I decided to purchase the Official Linux Mint17.2 DVD. I then used it for a dual boot install on a 17" HP laptop running (the HORRIBLE) WinVista (with AMD Turion64xd CPU, 2GB RAM, 120GB HDD). I selected the installer menu's first choice rather than the "Someting Else" selection after hitting confusing roadblocks when trying that selection. Fine, the automated installation went ahead without a hitch, but a LOT slower than the DeskTop's SSD took to do it. Upon reboot I selected the new install and confirmed everything worked well. On reboot I selected 4, the Windows Boot and . . . OMG . . . it went into Win Recovery mode, AKA the hidden/invisible/inaccessible 7GB windows recovery/install partition of the HDD. The WInVista program is on the other partition. :shock:

I know there is some simple solution with editing and updating the GRUB file and I would really appreciate a detailed, "written for novices" reply, not just for my advanced novice status :roll: but for all future readers that will encounter this problem. Thanks in advance to the brilliance, efficiency, dedication and core honesty of the Linux family of programmers that will eventually put MS bloatware inc out-of-business!
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