HELP ..... Forgot Login Username

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HELP ..... Forgot Login Username

Post by Compass »

It has been a long time since I logged into my desktop computer and I just realized I have forgot my Username which is asked in the login prompt.
I am running 64bit Cinnamon Mint Rafaela.
I have searched the internet and have found a few responses referring to getting into GRUB at boot up and then adding some command after the word "kernal" but in this version I do not see the command line starting with the word "kernal" the solution is referring to....must be a older version of Mint.
I have tried EVERY variation of my Username imaginable but no luck so far.
Any help would be appreciated.
If all else fails I will have to try the install CD and see if I can somehow use it to impose a new username and password or just re-install.
I am not a hard core user, so any suggestions should be take into account that I am not familiar with command lines or anything like that.....very,very new to anything outside of Mac or Windows.
Once again, thank you for any replies.....waiting patiently.
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Re: HELP ..... Forgot Login Username

Post by xenopeek »

Do you remember the password you entered during installation of Linux Mint? In that case just select recovery mode in the GRUB menu and then select to drop to the root console. You'll get a prompt and here you'd type:

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ls /home
And it will display usernames.

Another option is to boot from the Linux Mint installation DVD / USB thumb drive, open a file manager there, browse to your hard disk, then browse to the 'home' directory on that and look at the directories listed there. Those are generally also the usernames available on the system.
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