Mint alongside preinstalled windows 7 Starter and Android

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Mint alongside preinstalled windows 7 Starter and Android

Post by chelmiak »

Hello everyone. Firstly, sorry for my english (I' am not fluent in)
The problem is: I want to instal linux Mint 17.2 xfce on my netbook Acer Aspire One d255 (10'' CPU Intel Atom 1,6 ghz, 1gb RAM no optical drive) with preinstalled Windows 7 Starter (it works like a hog) and some older version of Android (It isn' t real dual boot because there isn' t GRUB only acers program to switch between OS)
I' ve read and watched many tutorials: how to prepare before installing (backup, defragging, shrinking etc) installing (even using Gparted – I'm not afraid of using it) However, my hard disk is partitioned in unusual way: 100 mb ntfs primary for windows bootloader, 13 gb ntfs primary for hidden recovery partition, 4 gb primary fat 32 for Android and extended ntfs for Windows. Tutorials cover situtations when disk has been already partitioned to two or three primary partitions and we have to create extended which is container for logicals.
Mints built-in installer proposes me to create another partition sda6 in ext4 but gives me no further details (will it another extended, primary or logical in existing extended?) I don' t want mess in my computer because I have not other one. I tried run it in Virtual Box but it doesn' t start like other distros (maybe too small ram and cpu)
The question is: Can somebody tell me how will be partitioned my disk finally and if it will or won't pose risk to my windows? because I have only windows rescue disk on usb (I can' t download windows iso from microsoft site)
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Re: Mint alongside preinstalled windows 7 Starter and Androi

Post by Pierre »

ideally, you would shrink sda5 - which is the actual windows C: drive,
by about what the partitioner did suggest.

so - you could go with what it suggests, or adjust the partitions a little,
or even set the partitions manually with Gparted - the actual partitioner.
- then run the installer.
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