Switching between DE's (XFCE-->KDE) and distro's

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Switching between DE's (XFCE-->KDE) and distro's

Post by NewToLinuxxx »

I'm interested in both switching my XFCE mint setup to KDE, and in changing distro's entirely (or adding a distro to have dual-boot, well, triple-boot lol as I've already got 2 *nix systems on this)

Is changing desktop enviro's far simpler than trying an entirely new distro? I'm interested in swapping but I have a folder in /home that I really don't want deleted, can I make such system changes while keeping a ~several hundred gigs folder intact? Any articles/tutorials would be greatly appreciated! Want to mess around with something new, don't want to lose all my media!!
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Re: Switching between DE's (XFCE-->KDE) and distro's

Post by edwardr »

If you want to be trying out different distros, the best way is to keep your data on a separate data partition and install your distros to other partitions. You can then link to and access your data from the different distro installs. Take a look at this tutorial: http://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/1609

Please make a backup of your data before you embark on repartitioning your hard drive!
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