Linux Mint 6 Uni DVD not botting: isolinux disk error 01

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Linux Mint 6 Uni DVD not botting: isolinux disk error 01

Postby thorazine74 » Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:00 am

Hi all:

I got that error when booting from the DVD and tells me to reboot.
The disc is correct, not a defective disc for sure (burn 3 discs already and iso extracted from burned disc with imgburn matches md5 check)
This happens in the first 3-4 seconds of booting before hitting any key in the boot menu so no chance of using compatibility.
Searched the forum and I found some reports that it could caused by a defective BIOS. But my BIOS is updated and everything else is working fine in Vista, OS X and Mandriva with that BIOS. Every other OS I tried boots from CD/DVD without troubles too. So I would discard that defective BIOS theory in my case.
I'm using a fairly common Gigabyte P35 board, I'm booting from an IDE LiteOn DVD recorder connected to the JMicron IDE controller on the mobo, other hardware SATA HD connected to the ICH SATA port, Firewire external drive connected to a VIA PCI USB2/1394 card.
Is there any BIOS option that could have an effect?
Is there any way to patch/replace the bootloader on the DVD?

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Re: Linux Mint 6 Uni DVD not botting: isolinux disk error 01

Postby Husse » Tue Jan 20, 2009 10:23 am

Jmicron controllers are known to cause problems but you seem to be fine
I have seen some odd reports about Felicia misbehaving with CD/DVD players
It can be a kernel problem - can you find out which kernel your Mandriva has?
From that I can at least make some conclusion
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