GRUB Errors

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GRUB Errors

Postby Ferth » Thu Feb 05, 2009 9:44 am

Well i was real eager to finally try out linux and i heard linux mint was a good distro, when i install i first try the guided partitioning and it install and i reboot, i get grub error 2, when i manually partition i get grub error 17.

Right now i've got grub error 2, can anyone help me?

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Re: GRUB Errors

Postby Husse » Thu Feb 05, 2009 2:01 pm

Do you have removable drive?
It seems that you may have encountered a problem that is described and solved here ... annot_boot
Not quite sure as you get error 2
Check out the wiki and if that does not help you boot the live CD and use it to check out a few things. I don't think you can do it from Windows if you have it because Windows can't read ext3 (I guess that's what you've used)
Go to Places > Computer and open the partition where you have Mint
Got to /etc and open the file fstab and post the content here (Use ctrl+A then ctrl+C the same as in Windows :))
Open a terminal (from the menu) and run blkid
You should get a list of partitions and their UUID - however I'm not sure if running from the live CD makes a difference
Post the list as well (mark with the mouse and right click to copy)
You can see for yourself if fstab is correct - what happens sometimes - as described in the wiki - is that the UUID is changed between the install when it's written to fstab and the first reboot
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