Mint 17.3 Live will not start[SOLVED]

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Mint 17.3 Live will not start[SOLVED]

Post by mdavies5 »

I bought a new Toshiba laptop, wiped the hdd and installed LMDE2 with no problem. I then wanted to install Mint17.3. The USB booted to the menu and I selected Start Mint (later tried compatibility mode). It then displayed the grub menu from my LMDE installation. I have also tried in both USB2 and USb3 slots.
The USB stick I used was previously used successfully on a desktop machine.
I checked with gparted and found that the USB was allocated to sda and the hdd was sdb. From memory I think, on the desktop, the drives always retained their identification and the usb became sdb(c/d/e) etc. I am new to laptops so am I doing something wrong?
While awaiting a response I will download the ISO again and create a new usb stick (on the laptop) but don't expect any difference.

Update. I downloaded another 17.3 ISO and created a USB stick on the same machine I want to install to. SHouldn't make any difference but it did. WHile loading, a heap of error messages scrolled across the screen but the LIVE system started. I didn't navigate anywhere but just installed. This went fine and the new system is running smoothly.
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Re: Mint 17.3 Live will not start

Post by linuxfreak »

Known issue. I tried the Cinnamon 64-bit live-dvd. After the screen which shows the countdown and automatic boor message, i get either a black screen, grey screen or a bunch of error message (most probably the same error message). This was with a burned DVD.

The MD5SUM check was correct!
Very curious what is the problem and how to solve this.

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