LiveCD small bug and small inconvenience

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LiveCD small bug and small inconvenience

Postby amircea » Tue Feb 10, 2009 11:26 am

(On my computers at least)
Installation from the Live CD proceeds smoothly and successfully. However at the end when I am asked to remove the CD, the CD device opens indeed but closes back immediately, before the message about acting ENTER is displayed. Impossible to remove the CD at that time. Only after the machine reboots can this be done.
The same little bug occurs both on the i386 and on the x86_64 versions.
There was a difference between the two versions concerning the booting operations. None of them asked me anything, but the 386 version did not change my previous multi-boot arrangements (with grub), while the 64 one reconfigured booting according to Mint's taste. This was no big deal and I could come back to what I prefer ; nevertheless, for some of us it would be better to ask us if we want to change booting or not, as all distributions normally do.
I find this Mint version absolutely excellent and probably it will become my favourite, especially on my 64 bit machine. XCongratulations !

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Re: LiveCD small bug and small inconvenience

Postby rivenought » Tue Feb 10, 2009 12:51 pm

This problem with the drive door closing rapidly is a bug inherited from Ubuntu 8.10. The very first update had a udev package that fixed the door closing. Once you install that udev package, you should have no more problems.

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