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Linux Mint Cinammon/Win 10 dual boot

Posted: Mon May 02, 2016 4:12 pm
by RickyRaccoon
New here. Total Linux newbie. I'm doing a complete backup atm of Windows 10, and am going to do a clean install with the Win10 .ISO, then try Mint alongside. I upgraded from Win 8.1/8/7, so Windows is supposed to reauthenticate itself even on a clean install, no key needed. We'll see.

Being a Win7 preinstall, supposedly I have no true UEFI, even though I see reference to EFI boot. I suspect the vendor has a funky boot thing going on. Getting rid of all the partitions, I hope, then let Mint do it's thing.

Windows itself says it's in Legacy mode.

I think I've just had a partitiob problem. Clean install in the hopes of getting rid of extra recovery partitions.

Worst case, I have a Mint-only machine... It's been frustrating, installed alongside my Vista machine with no problem. Getting resentful of Windows 10 at this point. I aim to have Mint on this machine...

Re: Linux Mint Cinammon/Win 10 dual boot

Posted: Wed May 04, 2016 11:59 am
by orion2014
I just set up a dual-boot system for myself, running Windows 10, Linux Mint 17.3. Windows has to be installed first, and then your have to shrink the volume within your Windows environment, to make non-allocated space for your Linux Mint installation. Other instructions advise use EBCD to configure boot options. after installation. I prefer using grub2 as my boot manager, Windows will at some point try to take control, greedy Windows, only time will tell. I stopped dual-booting a few years back when I used Ubuntu, but always had problems with Windows 7, destroying the MBR all the time, and you get tired of repairing. Then I discovered LILO, that took care of boot issues. I've been running Linux Mint for a couple of years, and I think it's solid enough to dual-boot with Windows 10, I've been running Win10 for two years, but just got my hands on the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. Windows 10 is definitely becoming one of my favorites. The developers seem to have the same concepts as Linux Mint developers. Remember your disk drive have a shelf life, try to make your setups work correctly, because formatting and writing to the drive shortens life in the drive, from my experience. Welcome to Linux, you have now become aware. Enjoy.

Re: Linux Mint Cinammon/Win 10 dual boot

Posted: Wed May 04, 2016 2:40 pm
by fabien85
If you do a clean install of win10, it may decide to install itself in UEFI mode (provided your computer is UEFI-capable, which may be the case if you see EFI references), even though your previous install was in Legacy mode.
Check your boot mode after install.
If you end up with a UEFI install, this tutorial will explain you everything needed to dual boot with Mint : viewtopic.php?f=42&t=163126
If you end up with a Legacy install, any oldschool tutorial for dual boot will do.

Re: Linux Mint Cinammon/Win 10 dual boot

Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2016 12:09 am
by RickyRaccoon
Hi y'all, wow I didn't realise how old my post was, thanks for the replies....

I never did really look into it. There's something really funky going on with the BIOS/UEFI. It's an Emachine EL1360G, it was a late WIndows 7 ship date with a coupon/voucher to upgrade to the soon available Win 8. I've about decided it's some damn awkward UEFI stage- it has UEFI references, but no mention of Legacy mode anywhere in the setup. It's like it's a very early version of UEFI, or some transitional BIOS.

All I know, is that it won't dual-boot ANYTHING, including two versions of Mint- I wanted to try 18.0 alongside 17.1, and just as with the Windows installations, it would ignore the added OS in favor of what was already on the HDD. It'd go thru the motions and give a success status- but when time came to reboot, it would totally ignore what I'd just installed. I'm pretty ignorant with Linux and modern systems in general, so... *shrugs* The Acer/Emachine support page has a BIOS firmware download for Linux, and I'd considered trying it, but ofc it's a Windows executable... I decided it wasn't worth the hassle.

Ideally, I'd have liked Win 10 alongside Mint, but in the end I just kept the Mint- I've got 18.0 Cinnamon on it, and have Windows 10 in a VM in case I need it, which is unlikely. It's slow but it'll run the occasional program that won't run in WINE. So I'm happy.

A note about hard drives- yes I appreciate the comment about hard drive life- my preference is to have each OS on its own drive- something I couldn't do because of the miniature size of this computer- my other Mint installation is in a decent micro tower with room for two hard drives- Vista on one, Mint 18 on the other- I rarely use the VIsta so having to go into the BIOS to switch boot order is not a big deal for me, I prefer keeping them totally separate...

Thanks for the replies- even if I wound up deciding not to keep whacking away at the peculiarities of this machine.