Installation hangs at "Preparing to install Linux Mint"

Questions about Grub, UEFI,the liveCD and the installer
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Installation hangs at "Preparing to install Linux Mint"

Post by guacho »

I have looked at threads with the exact same title :( with no success for the past 3 days.

Mint user for almost a year, am attempting a dual-boot with Win 10 on my new laptop:
-Thinkpad T460, i5-6300U CPU, 8gb RAM,
-Only UEFI (CSM/Legacy support was disabled in BIOS)
-Secure Boot Disabled
-Samsung 850 EVO SSD
-Windows 10 Home edition, Fast Startup and HIbernate disabled
-Attempting to Install Mint 17.3 Xfce

I created a Live usb from a Mint ISO (verified wtih sha256 sum) and the installer hangs at "Preparing to install Linux Mint" after making sure I have enough disk space, plugged into power source, and am connected to the internet. Other threads about the same issue mention 'creating the Live USB with a different program'. I created the Live USB with Mint's own "USB Image Writer", UnetBootin and in terminal with the "dd" command, and all three methods have failed to install (UnetBootin's live usb didn't even boot!)

This is where I think the problem lies. I purchased my laptop with a 500gb HDD originally, and the Windows installation on my SSD is a clone of the installation from that HDD. (I cloned using the free EaseUS Todo Backup migrate to ssd tool). The SSD installation of Windows 10 should be the same, besides a few settings I changed so the ssd was optimized for ssd (disable hibernate, indexing, no page file, etc.) Both installations on the HDD and SSD boot and shut off perfectly fine.

However, I after swapping out both drives, I found out that the Mint Install tool does NOT get stuck when I use the HDD, but ONLY on the SSD! It seems to me that the problem is not the Live USB but for some reason, the installer is having an issue with the SSD installation of Windows (or the SSD in general)

Is this an issue with the fact that I am using an SSD? I can view and mount partitions on the SSD in terminal, there is enough free space on the SSD for installation and I even created partitions for root and home with GParted in case that was the issue, but the installer still got stuck. Is it also possible that my windows installation isn't 'correct' for some reason when I cloned to the SSD? I don't know much about the program I used except for the fact that it worked.

Any help would be appreciated since I would love to continue using Mint.
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Re: Installation hangs at "Preparing to install Linux Mint"

Post by oz42 »

That's interesting. Both my computers behave the same way. One is a Lenovo B50-30 notebook, one a homebrew desktop. Both have SSDs only.

When I secure erase the SSD in my desktop completely using Parted Magic live CD Mint still hangs. So it is not a Windows bootloader issue.
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