Cannot boot native OS - live CD installed on hard drive

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Cannot boot native OS - live CD installed on hard drive

Postby JohnKFT » Sun Mar 01, 2009 4:54 pm

Here is an interesting one for someone. I managed to installed Mint 4 on an old Toshiba tablet with no CD drive and no ability to boot from usb by using Unetbootin in Windows XP. This enabled me to create two ext3 partitions and install Mint 4 direct from the iso onto one of them. So far so good. The other day I downloaded the new Mint 6 XFCE and decided to be clever by running Unetbootin in the Mint partition and install the live iso direct to the other partiion by specifying that partition insted of the usb slot. All went well and I now have the live Mint running at full speed on the hard drive.

However when I came to install it properly onto the other partition the installer would not show any of the drives or partitions. Some research here indicated that was probably because one of the partitions (with the live iso on) was mounted. So I rebooted and clicked 'Boot from local drive' on the boot menu and got 'Gave up waiting for root device' etc and it dropped to Busybox.

I have tried all sorts of boot parameters but can get nowhere. Anyone any suggestions? Incidentally the live iso runs fine on the partition except it uses a window of I think 800x600 on a 1024x768 screen.

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Re: Cannot boot native OS - live CD installed on hard drive

Postby SleepyJohn » Wed Mar 04, 2009 4:22 pm

I posted this topic under my old username JohnKFT. Since then i managed to access the old partitions by resetting the grub root to the original Mint partition. I can now boot into Mint-4, Windows XP and the live Mint-6, but still cannot install Mint-6 - the install partitioner is blank (although gparted shows everything as normal). I even ran Unetbootin from Windows but no change.

This must be possible as I assume (cannot remember exactly) that this must be how I installed Mint 4 in the first place. Anyone any bright ideas?

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